Advances in Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacements for our current teeth.  When we care for our teeth they will remain healthy and strong.  However, there are going to be situations where you will need to get implants.  If this happens, dental implants pico rivera may be a solution that fits your specific needs.

3D Printed Teeth

dental implants pico rivera

One of the most exciting advancements in dental implants is the ability to 3D print your teeth.  This technology will allow dentists and other oral professionals to custom design your teeth.  You can have a normal mouth, fangs or even Klingon teeth.  Well, I don’t think you will go that far, but you can have some cool things done with your teeth which will allow you to function and carry on a normal life.

Permanent vs temp teeth

In the past when we talked about dentures and false teeth, the image of grandpa taking his teeth out of his mouth and putting them in a glass of water besides the bed were common images that filled our minds.  Today, we no longer have to worry about doing this.  Today, we can have a metal plate drilled into our jawbone and a metal plate installed.  From there, the 3D printed teeth or otherwise constructed teeth are screwed into the implants and will become affixed. 

General care

With current implants there will be a period of adjustment, yearly checkups and some minor work that needs to be done to them.  For the most part however, you will just care for them like normal teeth.  You will brush them, use mouthwash and get yearly cleanings and maintenance.

When you get the teeth, however, don’t treat them as indestructible.  They are made of a synthetic material which can break, chip and wear just like normal teeth.  When looking at implants, look at them as a second chance of having a normal life and a happy smile.