Mole Control Tips for Homeowners

Moles cause problems for many Berlin residents who’ve often had it to their wits ends with this pest. Moles dig holes in lawns that leave the yard a mess, but the holes may do more than cause aesthetic concerns if it’s dug near the home, pipes, or other important features.  Several simple mole control berlin nj techniques may also help keep this critter out of your lawn.  If you are ready to scream every time you see that a mole has dug a new hole, maybe it’s time to take action.

Use Mole Deterrents

Mole deterrents provide a great prevention tool for homeowners that are dealing with moles in flower beds and in other small areas of the lawn. Moles won’t come near lawns with blood meal, used chewing gum, castor oil, or human hair. Apply one or more of these items to the area and it may keep the critters away from your home. These deterrents aren’t as useful in broader areas, so if the mole problem is extensive you may want to call a professional.


Trapping moles is the best solution for removal. Trapping isn’t so easy for the average person, however, so it is recommended that a call is made to a wildlife removal specialist for the service. Special Containers are placed in the lawn in areas where mole activity is detected.  Although setting up a trap is simple, it’s actually getting the mole out of the lawn that is the biggest issue for most people.

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Call a Professional

Wildlife removal experts are available to remove moles that cause trouble in your lawn. Give them a call and they’ll safely, humanely remove moles from the lawn and reduce the amount of stress you feel. Trapping is the safest, most effective mole control solution for most all homeowners Berlin. The service is affordable, so why not eliminate moles once and for all?